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Free Prize Draws

I've been reading the rules on competition laws in the UK and I understand that there has to be an element of 'skill' involved in running a free competition. Does this include free prize draw?

I'm about to temporary website to bring in members for a big launch of my main site in August. I've bought a 1GB Ipod Shuffle to give away as a prize for those people who regsiter their interest (by filling in a form). I'll simply put their name into 'hat' and pick a winner on the closing date. Do I need to attach a 'skill' element, such a question?

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toottoot toottoot is offline
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I would try the Institute of Sales Promotion, I think in London and they may be able to help.
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AHAEvents AHAEvents is offline
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We've had a similar problem with our Air Day Leaflets. We wanted to give away Hot Air Balloon Flights and an Aeroplane flight in a competition to anybody buying tickets by cheque. We were just going to pick names at random from the database but were told that there needed to be an element of skill. All we did in the end was put a very simple question, followed by a "guess how many people...." tiebreaker.
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rayne rayne is offline
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As I understand it, if you're going to be picking out of a hat you need to have a lottery licence. Raffles at events seem to get away with it, I think it's something to do with selling the tickets at the event rather than in advance - which is why when people come to your door selling prize draw tickets they are those proper custom printed ones in books rather than just the raffle tickets bought down at WHsmiths.

although they say you need a level of skill, I think that can be interpreted into a really simple multiple choice question, and all those who get it right get put into the hat for a chance to win.

would recommend speaking to the isp as well though, just to be sure!

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Adam Adam is offline
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Not a pro but Rayne is right.

It is a lotter otherwise. The element of skill can be a bit of a joke though. "In what year did we celebrate the millenium" is enough of a question if daytime TV is anything to go by.
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