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Business Mobile phone deals

Hiya all,

I'm looking to change my mobile to another provider. Has anyone come across a good package for mobile phones for business? - finding it quite hard to compare all the different packages!


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iccomms iccomms is offline
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I know the three network has had a bit of bad press but I have just switched to them and I am very happy.

Really good customer service, good reception ( well just as good as the other major networks)

If your using it for business you may want lots of minutes, they do some good packages mainly at half price rental for 12 months.

I got mine from the carphone warehouse which are always good for a second backup incase things go wrong as they are also really helpful.

Alternatively O2 online sometimes have some good deals if your using lots of minutes. Plus if you start a new contract and port number you can get an xda2 which I believe are a brilliant business tool as you can check email and so on which for me was totally free.
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amz amz is offline
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I recommend Orange, for customer service and response. My new phone broke in under 2 weeks (manufacturer fault) and orange sent a courier out to deliver a replacement phone at 7pm on a Saturday night! Call them and see what deals they have for small business users.
Best Regards,
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I've just moved 75 phones from T-Mobile to Orange; what a mistake! Account management was hopeless, and customer service poor. Porting was a nightmare and I'm seriously worried I've made a mistake.

In stark contrast to T-Mobile which I previously found excellent. Reason for change was only way to drive a cheaper tariff on existing phones is to switch suppliers regularly. For a new connection I'd go T-Mobile without any hesitation.
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Having worked with mobiles for many years and dealing with every network's and manufacturer's account managers, I would find a specialist retailer.

Many start with just two handset and some will still deal with just the one.

I know many companies like this around the country and the service the offer is superb. They deal with the networks on your behalf and they know you and you business etc and account so no explaining to 20 people that the phone is screwed!

Happy to put you in touch but please NO TIMEWASTERS. These people connect 50 or so new phones a day with a multi million pound turnover so no, they cannot help you with a pay as you go £10 top up voucher!

I will be retailing phones soon through a website but a bespoke setup and not a white label site. This is done by connecting direct to the networks so I may be able to create a good business package but not just yet. You will know where to find the deals when the time comes!!!
Adam Fahn

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jklondon jklondon is offline
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suggest TMobile and go for the MDA Compact - excellent smartphone that can also play full movies if you get a 1GB card ..

ok this is my link - if you do wish to buy it let me know and I can see what extras I can give you.

Text ASK (product code) to 60066. 25pence for the best price from over 750 UK Retailers.
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