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jonunitasterdays jonunitasterdays is offline
Join Date: Aug 2012
Posts: 4
UniTasterDays - Nominated for Shell Livewire Monthly Award

UniTasterDays - Nominated for Shell Livewire Monthly Award

Hi all,

This isn't a plea for votes, although any would be welcome!! I just wanted to ensure I introduced UniTasterDays to anyone interested in voting. In honestly, I watched the other elevator pitches and I am impressed by the competition - so I don't want to compete through this message - just inform!

Even if you don't have time to read on, please just take a look at the site - - that is all you (hopefully) need to know.

UniTasterDays is a site for schools and colleges to find university events (such as workshops, taster days, tours, presentations etc.). The aim is to create a one-stop solution for school and college teachers where they can see events listed, book on the events online, join a mailing list of events and if they cant find anything of interest, request an event from the site.

The introduction followed market research with schools which indicated schools struggled to find university events, and separate research with universities which indicated they struggled to advertise them! No one has a portal like UniTasterDays at present. The idea is a one stop solution, to ensure uni's don't mass advertise events to schools - and also to ensure the busy school teacher doesn't waste hours finding contacts in uni's to advertise events if they wanted a workshop for their students.

The site also follows the closure of Aimhigher by the government. Aimhigher previously worked to connect schools and uni's - and received 78 million funding a year to do so! It also follows the introduction of higher uni fees, so uni's now have to do more work with schools and colleges than ever. (Just after Aimhigher closed??!!)

We launched back in June in the Midlands, and the feedback has been fantastic from both schools and universities, with 75% of uni's adding evemts. So we are now in the position to launch nationally - with the vision of ensuring the site is populated with events by time schools return in September (as that is when our promotion will hit).

If uni's add events, there is an admin portal so they can update things in real-time. We can also supply their own portal for their own site as well using code we can create.

That will do for now - any queries, please ask them below or email me using

Thanks again (esp if you read until the end!!)

Jon Cheek
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Douglas27 Douglas27 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2012
Posts: 54
Hi there ,

I really like your idea and it would have been really helpful for me - iv followed on twitter etc.

I'd say though youre website would look a lot better a bit more animated and with More design.
I am no expert but I thought I'd let you know how I tout about it because I am always looking for constructive criticism . But I think its a great concept.

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jonunitasterdays jonunitasterdays is offline
Join Date: Aug 2012
Posts: 4

Cheers Douglas - followed you back!

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