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FatEyedFish FatEyedFish is offline
Join Date: May 2012
Location: Worcester, England
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Stuck for business ideas? Try these...

Hi all,
I've spent the last god-knows-how-many years dreaming up exciting new business ideas, admittedly some better than others, but I thought I'd share some with the forum - I know how hard it is thinking of that fantastic new idea!

Feel free to use or develop any that jump out at you. Give me a shout if any do, as I've done some work into most of these and will be able to provide some great pointers!

- A once-in-a-lifetime adventure travel company: Organise a trip for say 10-15 people to do something really exciting, e.g. climb Mont Blanc/Kilimanjaro etc, sail the atlantic, walk the Gobi. One price, inclusive of guide, flights etc etc.

- Grow your own plants: Aimed at kids; provide nicely decorated plant pots, compost and seeds to grow in your own home/school. Plants, fruit, veggies etc with an educational narrative so they can learn about biology.

- Frisbee Golf: A van (or static) based business that caters for events, parties, team building etc etc. Get some frisbees, some baskets, some guidelines and off you go.

- Estate Agent Photography: Take excellent quality photographs for estate agents to really help sell the properties on their books. Most estate agent photography is terrible, but good photographs of the best assets of a property will certainly help it sell.

- High-class gadget covers: For example, carbon fibre iPhone cases, brushed aluminium iPad cases, leather, fine wood etc etc. Well branded to promote 'desire' for the products.

- Carbon Fibre vehicle wrapping: Source some carbon fibre vinyls and wrap parts of cars to give a 'professional' sports car look. Appeals especially to those who modify their cars (or Kevs as they are affectionately known where I live).

- Crowdsource gift ideas via retailers: Post a gift request on a website (e.g. Gift for 30 year old lady's b'day) and retailers get back to you with their ideas and a cost (inc. postage) for the gift.

- Cruiser bicycle rental: Live by the sea or in a scenic area? Get some street cruiser bikes and rent them out to tourists. Could even include things like longboard and Gauswheel rentals.

- A *Local* sandwich shop: Fill sandwiches with locally sourced ingredients, state how far away the ingredients have come. Name off-the-shelf sandwiches with the towns where their ingredients have come from. If ingredients aren't available within an X radius of your premises, you don't use them. Even packaging etc would be locally sourced. Crowdsource ingredients.

- Events Location Finder: Offer a service where owners of ice property/large estates can rent out their land or house for a specific event or wedding. Estate owner gets cash incentive, you take a commission. Ties in nicely with events organisers..

- Inspirational Events for young people: Events designed to inspire young people, with talks from inspirational people, held in inspirational locations. Young people attend free of charge; you charge for advertising space.

Hopefully that's enough to get your imagination flowing for now.

Good luck!

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Eagle's Avatar Eagle Eagle is offline
Join Date: Jul 2004
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Any reason why you haven't pursued these yourself?

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FatEyedFish FatEyedFish is offline
Join Date: May 2012
Location: Worcester, England
Posts: 3
Yes. I am focusing my attention on my ideas in which I can have more of an impact - where I have more experience and interest. I have obviously not listed those on a public forum!
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ElliotForde's Avatar ElliotForde ElliotForde is offline
Starting Out
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Really appreciate you posting these ideas, Mr FatEyedFish! It's hard to let your ideas out into the public, but some of these are really good foundations and well targeted.
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