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ManishV ManishV is offline
Join Date: Dec 2011
Posts: 8
New idea thoughts please

I know it's risky to put a business idea I have out there into the open- but I think it's a great way of gauging the feeling on my latest idea from budding entrepreneurs. Of course I would appreciate nobody stealing it but I think I could execute it better than possible idea thieves anyway. Ok so here it goes...

A last minute ticket purchasing site/app for cinema showings.

Why? Because going to the cinema is damn expensive nowadays! No wonder people are downloading illegally.

How it would work... 30/ 45 mins before a film is shown customers can purchase a set number of remaining seats for a discounted amount on the website/app (at half price). The cinema wins because they're selling seats which would have been empty. Plus having the customers at the cinema- they're more likely to buy food/drinks so they'll make their money back that way.

The business... I would to strike up a deal with the cinema that they release their remaining seats to the site for a set price OR they just release say 10 seats for a set price. I make a mark-up on the tickets bought.

Right- thoughts please....
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pego pego is offline
Join Date: Jan 1970
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Posts: 142
Hi Manish.
I agree with you, cinema tickets are too expensive and it's the main reason why i don't go to the cinema that often.
Social activities should be encouraged not discouraged by extortionate prices. Perhaps cinemas want to keep away what they see as the Riffraff as they could quite easily increase profit by filling their seats at cheaper rates.

I think your idea is very good, but i think it will only work for

  • Those that live near a cinema,
  • Those that drive
  • Those that are hovering around the cinema area at the time of the discount (passing trade) - blue tooth app perhaps.
I don't know why i pointed those facts out because that in itself is a large population.

Cinemas may be in two minds for several reasons
  1. They may think that people will wait for the discount before purchasing (although your idea of having only 10 cheap tickets covers this scenario).
  2. The app may encourage people to expect cheaper seats always, this pushing down the price of cinema tickets in the long term.
I have an idea as well -

  • You could extend the app so cinemas can offer a free popcorn/drink etc... with each late seat purchased instead of a discount on the seat.
I think if you can get the cinemas on side it will be a very appreciated app.

Hopefully cinemas will not catch onto the idea themselves and do their own discounts.

Will you be developing the app yourself? I am wondering if you are an app developer/know the programming language etc... as i have had a few good app ideas (one in-particular that could make quite a bit of money), but have no means of realizing them as I do not know how to develop them.. If yourself or anyone else reading this is interested in partnering up, please do say so.

I also understand your scenario about whether you should release the idea or not, especially on a business forum where everyone has the entrepreneurial spirit. Theres realy no way of knowing if someone will run with the idea or not.
Good Luck
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ManishV ManishV is offline
Join Date: Dec 2011
Posts: 8
Hey Pego,

Thanks for replying to my message and you raise some really interesting points which I'll take on board.

Unfortunately I dont have a clue on how to build apps and I am facing the same problem as you in this respect. However there is a site which someone directed me towards which may help- it's called Builditwithme.

Basically you put your idea out there and work with someone to build it with you. I know its a bit risky but the only other way around is to go to an app developer and pay them the big bucks.

Thanks again
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andrewpallett's Avatar andrewpallett andrewpallett is offline
Join Date: Jan 2012
Posts: 93
Paying a developer to create the app won't necessarily be expensive - Threadless hired someone straight out of Uni and paid them less than £150 a week because the University had some scheme to get graduates into employment and paid the majority of the wages.

It's a good idea and part of being an entrepreneur is taking a risk - with your idea, money, everything! I'd do some research, take this post down so no one can stumble across it and do it before you and put together some cash and make a go of it, if I were you.


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Callum_Teenweb's Avatar Callum_Teenweb Callum_Teenweb is offline
Join Date: May 2012
Posts: 18
The idea's a good one but how often do people prebook cinema tickets?

When I wish to go see a film, I'll just go to the cinema and get my tickets when I arrive... usually within 30 minutes of the film starting.

I guess a bit of research would prove whether the idea could substantiate - maybe get in touch with your local cinema and see if you can collate some data on HOW and WHEN cinema tickets are purchased.

Good luck!
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Ignaty Ignaty is offline
Starting Out
Join Date: Jun 2012
Location: London, UK
Posts: 14
I like the idea from the customer's perspective, but I would agree with Callum_Teenweb, that normally people buy cinema tickets on the spot, so cinemas might be reluctant to offer this half price.
However, as there is a huge competition among them and people a less likely to go to the cinema nowadays, cinams might see this as another stream of promotion for themselves...

Have you thought of extending this to theatres? That's when people tend to buy tickets much in advance, so selling last minute tickets here can be a good idea... You could also have here a facility for people to sell their tickets if they can't go to the theatre on the night.
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chavw chavw is offline
Join Date: Jun 2012
Posts: 6
I'm usually not promoting here, but your concern relates directly to our business There, you can focus your business idea, pitch it to investors directly and publish it at our private project list. We developed INISMO just in case of ongoing entrepreneurs like you, providing a secure and professional place to promote their business and supporting them to get off the ground.
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