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danielprempeh danielprempeh is offline
Starting Out
Join Date: Feb 2012
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my new business

Hi everyone, I want to know if I should carry on with this business idea

because students in uni find it hard to purchase food and eat healthily on a daily basis

I was thinking of making a 3-1 food package, which can be purchased cheap from £3-£5 and can cover all 3 meal times

1st meal breakfast (anything from oats to yogurt and fruit)
2nd meal lunch (anything from pasta to rice and vegetable or meat curry, etc)
3rd meal dinner (anything from a hearty chicken soup to fish pie or spiced fish with veg)

I want this to be in the form and the look of a microwave packaging like one top on another one and you just slide it out of the box when itís time to eat but because each meal is different I find it hard to compile a breakfast, lunch and dinner without freezing,

any suggestions on my business idea, business names and storage of those three types of foods
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dan_plan's Avatar dan_plan dan_plan is offline
Join Date: Mar 2011
Location: London, N226AD
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Hi Daniel.

I am not an expert in the food industry and I am not a student.

I think you should ask a lot of students.

Bare in mind the competition is fierceful if you want to end up on the supermarket shelves.
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meisage meisage is offline
Join Date: Apr 2011
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Originally Posted by dan_plan View Post
Hi Daniel.

I am not an expert in the food industry and I am not a student.

I think you should ask a lot of students.

Bare in mind the competition is fierceful if you want to end up on the supermarket shelves.

Neither do I. Doing a poll on students should be somewhat helpful. Although, I would say that this type of business will always be on the line, because people not just students eat. It's part of LIVING!
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emmalr's Avatar emmalr emmalr is offline
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It's been a little while since I was a student but I know that you will face stiff competition from venues located on and around campus. I used to be able to buy a hot dinner (everything from pasta, to a curry or roast) for about £3 at the Uni restaurant. On site we also had baked potato stands, a sandwich deli, a salad bar and numerous other places in the streets around us.

Secondly how would you differ from any other type ready meal? You can buy some good healthy meals now for not that much money. I remember my sister used to buy 3 meals for £5 from Tesco.

I'm not much of an expert at meal pricing, but would you be able to source, produce and sell 3 meals for about £3-£5 and still make a profit?

Having said that, if you work out these issues and get yourself a good angle, you just never know. I recommend reading the book from the founders of Innocent Smoothies. Great book!
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jigarf2f jigarf2f is offline
Join Date: May 2012
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Well, You can Entering into a packaging business may prove to be highly-lucrative as long as you know how to play on this field. You have to keep in mind that your companyís service will be primarily focused on packing peopleís material belongings for storage. To further maximize your service to your business clients, it is highly-recommended to be able to also provide them transportation service.
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Lucille89Hall Lucille89Hall is offline
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IN a word:Good luck!!

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MontiC MontiC is offline
Join Date: Jun 2011
Location: Karachi
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I think you can carry this idea for offices too. They also like to purchase your packed meal if it's tasty.
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