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The Particulars To Closing?


So this wont be my last post, but I am out looking for some advice. Things have been extremely tough, through a turbulent 2 years, from theft, hospitalisation, personal financial meltdown, and a failing economy (with nearly 50% unemployment in my area), I have had to take the move to close my business.

The decision was made very easy when I had an out of the blue phone call head hunting me for a position doing what I trained to do at University, with a company who I believe to be the largest supplier to the London 2012 Olympic Games. The offer was far too good to turn down, so I am moving on.

I have just today and tomorrow to get everything in order at my end so any advice you have is greatly welcomed:

What do I need to do to close? - I have sent final accounts to the accountant, I have notified insurance (in hope of refund), will notify BT later - although I fear they will still want the extra £500 to pay up until the end of the contract (any advice here).

What paperwork do I need to keep? What can be shredded

Anything you can think of that may help?

Many Thanks in advance for your time, and as for the business... It lives on, from Bristol. We set up a n agreement with 2 businesses, each oru own trading under one name, for economies of scale. So if you are a fan of Fizz Pop Science, they still exist, and are getting stronger in Bristol :-)
Alexander Smith
Fizz Pop Science

Fizz Pop Science is working to become the UKs leading extra curricular science education provider. We want to engage children with the sciences and have them experimenting themselves, leading to new discoveries which we hope will inspire.

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