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independentthought's Avatar independentthought independentthought is offline
Join Date: Feb 2011
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How do you buy your own Bar Code?


At first for our companies product we intend to use e-commerce using Amazon, and the e-commerce system on my website.

But we plan on going to retailers on high streets too. Even Amazon might require this

If we go to a retailer will they give the product their own bar code, or will I have to register my own and have it printed on the product?

And if we do need to register our own bar code, what is the process of that entail? And how much will it cost?

We really need some advice on this.

Hope you can help,

Independent Thought
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missmeets's Avatar missmeets missmeets is offline
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We've just started selling our leather handbags on Amazon. Yes, you do need barcode numbers for each products, and we used these guys, GS1 to set that up.
They are also recommended by Amazon themselves. This is required for listing your item on the Amazon site.

GS1 charges £99 for the membership fee and £100 for something like 1000 barcodes, which for a small start up such as ours is more than enough.

I don't believe there are any requirements to print off the actual barcodes fro the Amazon process i.e. the lines and place them on your product packaging, however if you needed to do this, GS1 also provide support for this too. So when you're at the stage where you want to sell in shops, you can use the same barcode number as the one you used for the Amazon listing (as long as it it for the same product) and print it off for the ones you are going to send to the stores. This is my understanding of it, but might be worth giving them a call in the first instance, the team were very helpful and you can find solutions that are catered for your specific business and plans.

Hope that helps somewhat.
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independentthought's Avatar independentthought independentthought is offline
Join Date: Feb 2011
Posts: 49
Does anyone know if this would work well?
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bar code

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