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bigstu's Avatar bigstu bigstu is offline
Shell LiveWIRE Team Member
Join Date: Mar 2007
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Forum Rules and Guidelines- Please read before posting

Forum Guidelines, Links and Tips - please read before posting

First of all, a big welcome to the Shell LiveWIRE Community! Shell LiveWIRE has been helping young people start their own business since 1982 - so you are now part of the UK's biggest online community for young entrepreneurs (a huge community of success, knowledge and helpful people)!

Remember LiveWIRE is more than the Social Network and Discussion Forum. There is a whole bank of information from Business Planning to Public Relations in the Business Library section of the main Shell LiveWIRE website.

The LiveWIRE 'Community' consists of the Social Network and Discussion Forum - both great tools for finding out information on starting and running a business and networking with people! Both of the tools run side by side to each other, the Social Network is for promoting your business and networking with other entrepreneurs and the Discussion Forum is for asking / answering questions and debating business issues. (Both are subject to moderation).

First of all we have a few simple rules which apply to the Social Network and Discussion Forum;.

• Do not use any obscene or offensive language, or place any material that is libellous, abusive, hateful, unlawful, threatening or otherwise objectionable.

• Always treat others with respect.

• Do not adopt an inappropriate user name (i.e. one that is offensive).

• Shell LiveWIRE do not endorse any companies, individuals or organisations using this forum.

• Don’t blatantly self promote yourself on the forum (you can do that in the 'Classified' ads section of the Social Network) - Please read the latest guidelines on what is and isn't classed as 'Spam' or blatant advertising (and how to report it if you think someone is flouting the rules) by clicking on

• If you wish to ask for website reviews, please do this in the Website Reviews sub-forum

• Put events you have or want to promote in the Calendar function


1. Use the Search Facility on the site. There are lots of business-related questions that have more than likely been asked before, so you might find your answer by using this.

2. Introduce yourself!! Forum users are are a friendly bunch of people and would like to hear your story, what business sector you are in, what your plans are etc. You should do this in the Newbies please post here... thread.

3. If you request a critique of a piece of work (website, newsletter etc) then be prepared for constructive criticism. Forum users will be honest with you and inform you what is good and bad in the hope that it will help you.

4. Remember that everyone here apart from some of the moderators are here voluntary and are not paid for posting replies. If you see a post you can contribute to - go ahead and do so.

5. When posting a question, provide as much information as possible. This will help generate a better response from other users. It would also help to have a descriptive subject title.

6. Have fun here! We all learn something new each day, this forum is a great way to keep up to date on business issues. Make sure you join in regularly!

Useful links:

You can find some useful links to other agencies who can help here- (click on the websites tab at the bottom of the page).

Below are some frequently used areas on the website;

Business Library (

My Business Kit (

Awards ( - free funding for your business including the monthly £1,000 'Grand Ideas' Awards and annual £10,000 Shell LiveWIRE Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Video Lounge ( - elevator pitch videos, how to guides and clips of business experts giving their top tips for success.

Good luck!
lordlancaster's Avatar lordlancaster lordlancaster is offline
Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: Gateshead
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Important! Please Read - SPAM!

Some of you will have noticed that unfortunately there has been a fair bit of spam on the Discussion Forum in recent weeks which is very annoying for both our regular users and the Shell LiveWIRE team.

Because of this, I thought it would be a good idea to try and clarify what the Shell LiveWIRE team currently classifies as spam, and how to deal with it.

What is SPAM?

1. Blatant advertising of products or services - if you want to advertise something we now have 'Classified ads' for this purpose in the Shell LiveWIRE Social Network (go to, login and click on My Apps > Classifieds)

2. Random / Irrelevant posts that are off-topic and have absolutely nothing to do with the topic being discussed in the thread.

What isn't SPAM

1. Everyone is allowed to have links, banners and details of special offers in their signature. If you regularly contribute to the Forum by taking part in discussions, offering advice and helping others then if people think that you know what you are talking about then you will get business (many members have).

2. If someone wants to write an editorial piece on a topic that they think others may be interested in, with a link back to their website, their email address or telephone number then this is fine too. It's clever marketing, and much more subtle than just a random / blatant advert out of the blue.

3. Sometimes, new members may post something on the Forum without realising that it may not be allowed, so rather than jumping in and accusing them of being a spammer, a friendly word or even just letting the moderators know and asking them to look at it should be enough. If they are repeat offenders then we can take things further.

What to do if you think you have spotted some SPAM?

If you think that someone is spamming the board, please flag it up by clicking on the Report Post icon in the top right hand corner.

This means that the moderators (including myself) are sent notification, and can then take a look at the offending post and decide what to do with it.

Sometimes the moderators will edit the post, sometimes they will delete it completely, and if a user has repeatedly been spamming the board then they will be banned from it completely. (I have a list of known spammers on a whiteboard next to my desk, who have either had all or some of their posts removed, or they have been banned from the board).

Some members have been doing a great job Reporting Posts so far, so please keep this up as I can assure you that each notification gets looked at as soon as possible (at busy times this may take a day or so to clear up / whilst others will be dealt with immediately).

HOWEVER, I'm concerned that some people on the Forum are accusing other members of spam when in fact they are not, and some of the recent threads have taken a rather nasty form, with people getting quite personal with each other, which doesn't come across as very inviting to new members.

So, can you please not do this. If you think someone is spamming the Forum, don't bother replying to their post as this just raises their profile / encouraging others to read it. Instead, just flag it up and it will be investigated further - but it is ultimately down to the moderators / Shell LiveWIRE team to decide what is and isn't spam.

I hope this seems fair enough, but if you've got any questions or queries please email me at, or send me a Private Message and I will be happy to discuss.
Paul Lancaster
Content & Social Media Specialist
Sage One UK
Follow me on Twitter @lordlancaster
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