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adamkashin adamkashin is offline
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Comission only Sales agents

Hi all,

Im looking for sales agents and telesales companies who work on a comission only basis (Im a new start-up and cash is a bit tight).

I know they exist, but I dont know where to start :-(

Can anyone help
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Widgey's Avatar Widgey Widgey is offline
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Well being the former owner of a telemarketing company, I would never have worked on a commission basis.

I knew that myself and my subcontractors could do the job well and got results so didn't need to bother with customers who wanted me to work on a commission basis. It's a waste of effort considering I had customers that were regular and knew that if I didn't take on the commission work, I wouldn't be losing out.

Sorry to knock you before you've even started, but if a company knows that they can do the job and actually do it well, they would never take commission as they will already have regular customers (who've had good response and come back).

People who say in response to that, that if I knew I could do the job, what is wrong with commission? simple answer is, nothing is wrong with commission, it's just a waste of time.

But instead of fill you with negative comments and not say anything constructive, my advice would be to just contact potential companies and ask them bluntly would they do it, worse they can say is no. High commission rate would give you a better chance. Also don't forget that data will need to be purchased and you will end up having to pay for this, whether this is in form of getting it from a data company yourself or paying the telesales company to get it for you.

Hope that helps!!


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