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pressiliago pressiliago is offline
Starting Out
Join Date: Nov 2009
Posts: 14
Facing problems with my company name on the Internet, please help!

Hello everyone,

I am currently facing a problem with my business name and i can't find somebody who could give advice to help me fixing it.

Basically, my website is on the air at the moment and will be ready for july.
I have found 2 days ago a company's website in Australia which has the same name as mine (only one letter is different: my company's composed of "Giv'X"(that means Give X)) and the other's company name is "Give X".

We are positionned on the same market but that company offers gift products and mine offers gift experiences.

I worried because my futurs clients might mix up that 2 companies all the time, and click on the wrong one!

My opportunity to be found thanks to google search is decreasing.

Please, can somebody can give me advice? Thank you very much.
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idtpuk idtpuk is offline
Join Date: Feb 2010
Posts: 6
well I presume you are positioning yourself for a UK market, and most people will be using Google UK, from what I understand Google will rank you higher than a AUS company and the other way round for Google AUS.

On a different note though your domain name cannot include your ' in giv'X so how will you be positioning your domain? this could also give you a few issues.

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carolinem's Avatar carolinem carolinem is offline
Join Date: Feb 2005
Posts: 305
There's a couple of things you can do:
1) Change the name and branding of your site. This is easiest to do now as you haven't yet launched and haven't invested heavily in promoting the site. Make sure the new domain you register includes all the extensions (.com/.biz/.net/.au/hyphenated versions etc) which you wouldn't want anyone else to have. Incidentally, I'm intrigued you chose this name when the .com of the most obvious spelling wasn't available - I always figure that whoever has the .com will sweep up most of the non-specific traffic.
2) Make sure your branding is entirely different to the other site so people don't get confused.
3) Make sure yours has great SEO for the UK. In this case the territory is different enough so that it won't become an issue.

Approaching the other company would in this case probably cause more problems than solving them, especially as they seem to be well established. Keep well under the radar if you want to stick with the name.
Caroline Wylie - Virtual Offices & Virtual Assistants - Resource for UK VAs
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bill mccallum bill mccallum is offline
Join Date: Apr 2008
Location: Dorset
Posts: 472
one simple solution is not to change the name... but to ask the other company to put a small banner on thier home page "looking for Giv' click here" and you offer them the same on your home page.
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Jarvooo's Avatar Jarvooo Jarvooo is offline
Join Date: Feb 2009
Location: Manchester
Posts: 547
To be honest Caroline raises some interesting suggestions, i would personally opt against what Bill suggests regarding the banners, yes it can alleviate the problem of people looking at one site to another - but you may be raising unwanted problems with the company then - alot of companies can be abit - funny shall we say where a likeness or such is breached, you dont want to open any copyright claims etc before you have even started.

I would suggest a change of name and a good solid SEO base

Colin Jarvis
Jarvis Web and Graphic Solutions
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