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A reasonable price?

Hi All,

I've just recieved a quote for the design printing and distribution of 3,000 A5 double sided leaflets for a price of £299 all inclusive of VAT etc. I get one side of the leaflet and another local business gets the other. Would you say this was reasonable in terms of price? They will be delivered to aprox. 3k homes in my town, (where business is based - thats almost every house in the town). Just wondered if anyone could advise me as to whether I have got myself a good deal here?

I also have the option of having the entire leaflet to myself for an extra £100. (double sided) or an extra £50 for a single sided leaflet to myself.

Any feedback or suggestions greatly appreciated.

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I do think the price is quite good as it's an all-in-one service....

However, have they told you whether it's Solus distribution or Shared distribution?

The other thing to bear in mind, to put things in perspective, we charge:

آ£120 for 5000 A5 Leaflets, double sided which you can use to advertise only your services. This leaves you with about آ£200 spare.

You can get distribution from آ£35 per 1k - so all in all, by doing it separately, you could save quite a bit of money and also have the flexibility to get your flyer to more homes.

On top of that, you could always find a local company who wants to pay you 'x' amount to advertise on the back of your flyer, and you could save even more money.

Anyway, hope this helps. If you have any questions just get in touch,


The Home of Low-Cost, High-Quality Printing for Small Businesses!
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