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davidwilding davidwilding is offline
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Marketing Help!

Hi All,
It's not often i like to bow down and ask others for help, but my company is struggling to pull in new clients now! We got off to a really good start, which was considered quite the opposite of how most businesses start. Now it's fizzling out!

I am looking into different methods, cheap methods, of marketing the business. I have created brochures, which are being placed on the website and also they are being distributed to local businesses to see if they are interested in employing our services. These haven't gone with much success so far and I didn't get much response when giving them a courtesy call to see what they thought.

I am looking at perhaps using google adwords, but I dont want lots of people clicking on the link for the sake of it and they not having any actual interest in the company or the services we provide. So it being a waste of money!

I am going to register on a local website for businesses in the area, it has a great amount listed on there and its only £30 for a substantial add and that lasts forever.

Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance,
David Wilding
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businessgrowthconsultant businessgrowthconsultant is offline
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Hi David,

When it comes to marketing and advertising a lot of companies spend lots of money with poor results.

What is typically missing is a system that you can follow which reduces wasted efforts and time and focuses you on what produces results.

Check out my Sales and Marketing Medic event or my website Nicholas Windley which will give you a bit of background on me.

There are over 8 main steps to getting your sales and marketing working and the first is to consider this, which is the same question going through a customers mind:

"Why should I do business with you ?"

Essentially what is unique or different about what you do?
What is the biggest problem that you solve for your customers?
What value do you add that your competitors dont?

I would avoid just producing a brochure for the sake of it, but work on showing people the problems you solve and how in a language they understand.

Its not what it looks like that makes people buy, but what it does for them.

Google adword can be effective, but you must again get your message right and be specific about who you target and how you target them. You can do this with adwords.
There are also lots of other routes you can choose.

If you want to know more then you can find my contact details on the website.

All the best,

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MK Printing MK Printing is offline
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When a company launches there is usually and initial serge of orders from all the marketing you are doing. If you fail to track where the orders are coming from and your marketing efforts decrease, then the sales start to slide.

The thing to do I not panic. You need to identify what the problems are and then spend you time on the solution. I learnt how to do thin when I started to promote my club nights at a large venue in Manchester, one night there was about 40 people there, it held 400. I just sat in the corner and though we have the space, the DJs, the bars and the staff, all we need is more customers. I then was able to focus on that and the week later it was busier and the week later even busier.

If all you need to get is more customers, then that is what you should be focused on. I do not know your business structure or how many clients you are able to handle. Without speaking to you it is hard to gauge who you are targeting your marketing too.

Please feel free to get in contact with me at and I can put some ideas your way they are cheap to implement and deliver results. This goes for everyone reading this message too.

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