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I approached an established company (Tescos) to show them some of my designs for the companys uniform, they where very interested and arranged a meeting for me to show them my samples. They were interested in buying large quantaties from me but wanted me to leave them the samples, as they needed to show the designs to there colleagues so that they can be approved. I told them that I couldn't leave my designs and I would be glad to come back for a second meeting in person to show the other colleagues my samples. I am not sure if I had made the right decision and might have put them off.

If I would have left my samples can they copy my designs, and steal the idea? or can they not do that being an established company. Can you please give me some advice as I am not sure what to do.
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A company such as tesco is unlikely to risk their reputation by ripping off your designs but it isnt unknown for big companies to do so It was sensible to be cautious You should seek advice in what you can copyright It might be useful to always keep desing sketches form scratch until used or photos them with a clearly dated mag or newspaper to date them etc You could have aske dfor a letter ocnfiming their receipt of your designs But do seek industry advice
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