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16-12-2005, 09:13 AM
I would like your advice and help on an idea I have that will benefit me and my business and YOU by earning affiliate commission!

I own a few domain names that are keywords to my personalised rose product and there are lots still available to register.

Now instead of just pointing the domain names to my site www.rosesbydesign.com. I was thinking we could create a few small independant sites that are all set for different SEO keywords of slightly different search terms.

So when people search for a related search term on a search engine they may find these small independant sites and not our main site www.rosesbydesign.com.

The potential customers would be sold the idea of our personalised roses and when they click a link on the mini site they taken the to www.rosesbydesign.com and tracked using our affiliate program so if a sale is made YOU will earn commission.

Now this can also be done by anyone who is can build a websie and if you are good and website promotion you will do even better!

The idea is if www.rosesbydesign.com is not near the top of a search term listing for relivent keywords (EG flowers, flower delivery, personalised roses etc) These other site could be targeted towards a set keyword and will get the traffic.

They would all be different style sites with different images and text but will once a link is clicked take the customer to www.rosesbydesign.com and any sales made can be given to affililates

Would this idea work?

Contact me if you would like to help me create a mini referal site like this.

To sign up to the our affiliate program visit:

16-12-2005, 09:25 AM
I can see your thinking but would this not devalue your product? I am thinking that it is something that is quite unusual which will be one of its selling points. If someone searches for printed roses or similar and find a long list of sites that provide the service are you not making it seam more common and less special?
I think the idea of getting other people to sell your product is a good one - but maybe looking at something bigger like trying to become the supplier of this service to one of the big flower/gift retailers/websites.


16-12-2005, 09:37 AM
Hi DN,

This idea is one of many.

The idea was to delevop each mini site which links to the main shop at www.rosesbydesign.com via affiliate links.

Each mini site will be designed by a different webdesigner and be targeting different search terms.

If we can get 2 or 3 listing is the first page of google then surley this is going to get us a larger portion of traffic and be good for the affiliates and rosesbydesign.com.

Forgot to mention, we have a deal with one of the Uk's leading gift / gadget websites which will commence from mid January, so we are coming at it from all directions.

16-12-2005, 05:29 PM
Hi Rosebydesign

We placed your link on www.givemegifts.co.uk and it looks great the banner and all. Hopefully it will make us retire from this everyday hectic life :-) . We have some plans for how we want to get rosebydesign link more active on our site in 2006. Just waiting to get passed this x-mas rush.

Some of you may not remember me but I started the www.givemegifts.co.uk business about 3 months ago with my partner Darren and we are doing well, tired and late nights and also took on partime work as wasn't sure how this was going to plan out but luckily for me they have decreased my hours at the other job which is good so I get Thurs and Fri nights off to plod with the bus. We just need to get passed x-mas to improve and get more products up.

But want to talk to anyone else who wants to link up. We are always open for ideas.


16-12-2005, 05:41 PM
Hi Joanne,

The banner does look good on your site and I look forward to taking to you in the new year about your other ideas :-)

16-12-2005, 09:28 PM

As I have said before, launch your affiliate program on one of the major affiliate networks and then your affiliates would do exactly this for you. Want an example, take a look at the one page mini-site I created back in February for the Robosapien V2 - http://www.robosapien2.co.uk. Many of the really switched on affiliates will create whole sites based around certain products if they see a niche to exploit.

Another example: I have a flower page at http://www.ukoffer.com/flowers.php which is currently generating 20 or so flower orders a day. Not fantastic but not bad for little effort. I know lots of other sites who have flower pages also aswell as complete sites devoted to flower merchants.

Personally I think your product would look great on my site and I know I would generate you some decent sales. However I can't be bothered with the hassle of joining your independent affiliate scheme. But if you were on a network I could join in one click of a button and would start promoting you in minutes.

Food for thought?

16-12-2005, 09:47 PM
Hi Kieron,

You use miva for some of your flower links?

I was listed on your site earlier this week! lol

Was not aware it was yours.

I have taken your advice and we will be set up on www.paidonresults.com

Will you use our link from them?

16-12-2005, 10:01 PM
Yes I use a Miva feed on my site, if you advertise on Miva then you will have also been on my site.

Good news on signing with POR. Graema, Clarke and the team are spot on and will look after you well. And yes I will happily promote you via them.