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15-11-2005, 05:54 PM
Hi there

We launched www.urbanspirit.co.uk mid-October 2005 so are a very new company. The marketing campaign kicks off properly towards the end of the month when our adverts in relevant mags come out and advertorial/editorial pieces we have arranged come out.

So far we have done our SEO and rank well on the serach engines, did an e-shot competition to over 20,000 subscribers and put a banner out on a high ranking site within the urban industry.

We have people visiting daily averaging at about 10 users constantly on during the day, we are selling an item every few days but obviously want to sell multiple items every day to help cash flow.

I am slightly worried that we will not sell what we forecasted but am also aware that I could be overreacting. Please shed some light on this situation please and let me know what's "normal" in the early days if a new biz.



16-11-2005, 09:06 AM
Hi Its a great site and your clothes Im sure would be popular with the high disposable income 18 to 35's Im not a e marketing expert but given that the WEB is in principle a 'shop window' then the principles of getting known is the same as running a shop
You need to sell what your business plan says so make sure you are promoting your web 'off line' too perhaps in fashion magazines
Also your items are very trendy and therfore may be of interest to feature writers so get some press releases prepared (Evening Standard Daily Mail some of the City regionals Birmingham Manchester Newcastle Glasgow Dublin Cardiff ) perhaps some of the day time TV who do fashion spots and ,makeovers may also feature your work

You need to get the hits of course but they need to be from people who can afford to buy your goods should they like them Mutual linking with sites who are also aiming to attract your audience will also be helpful such as sites promoting shoes, hair, music, gigs etc

hope these tips help hope your business takes off soon

16-11-2005, 05:03 PM
Thanks Anne

Some good tips, I've been thinking about regional papers but TV makeovers and fashion spots are a great idea. Any tips on writing an eye-catching press release would be very much appreciated.


16-11-2005, 05:18 PM
It would take to long for the time I have at the moment but this web site may be helpful www.doyourownpr.com and there are also free lance writers or marketing agencys who would do one for a price