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21-10-2005, 11:52 PM
I run a Computer Site, Selling to Computers in WholeSale and Surplus. Now i want to open a shop. And its entirely differnt from Internet. So i would want advice on what to do on that.

But before i do that i thought of running an Internet Cafe to get use to running a shop with computers, handling stock ect by selling Drinks. Nothing Achocol though.

What would you think i should do?

P Lynch

28-10-2005, 02:05 PM
Hi Paul

Starting small is often a good idea to build your experience and knowledge, however, an internet cafe also requires some catering experince and involves further Health & Safety / Food Hygiene implications. This may, in fact, be more complex than your initial idea. Federation of British Internet Coffeeshops

The Federation of British Internet Coffeeshops supplies hardware, software and training for the UK market and carries a listing of Internet cafés.

There is some useful information on business premises on the Be Your Own section of the website under General Management:

Substantial capital investment will be required to set up a PC and accessories retail outlet. In addition to the cost of your premises (which will vary according to size and location), you must also budget for regular overheads, including lighting, heating and telephone line rental.

You should budget for marketing costs, as well as the ongoing cost of replenishing your stock. (It will be sensible to expect that initial outlay on stock will cost a minimum of several thousand pounds.) Consideration should also be given to the security of your shop premises, given the high value of the items you stock. It might be worth investing in a security system.

It is essential that you obtain adequate insurance, including public liability, and buildings and contents cover to protect your premises and stock.

The Personal Computer Association is the trade association for the UK computer hardware industry.

Also contact your local support organisation who can offer start-up advice and help you take a look at your financials and help you draft a business plan. You will be able to find links at the following sites:

England - www.businesslink.gov.uk
Wales - www.businesseye.org
Scotland - www.bgateway.com
NI - www.investni.com

Some things to think about

Alll the best