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07-09-2005, 08:39 PM
I've just started up my business, and well everything seems in place. I did loads of research to begin with and found there was a demand for what I was going to provide. However after the first week of trading, I've made zilcho-I know business takes time to take off, however I think I've not put enough into the Promotion of the business. I've been featured in the local paper, but could do with more exposure and advise into how I can get the name out there and get sales. I think this is the problem, so I want to solve it and pay attention to it.
I have a website and ebay shop and hopefully from next week will trade on 4 markets in the local area as well as having product parties for friends. I try to give out my business cards all the time, but could do with any additional advise that could help me.
My business is manufacturing natural beauty products and stocking asian jewellery and fashionware.


09-09-2005, 10:22 AM

Don't get downhearted - things are bound to pick up once you start trading on the markets and having the parties. And handing out your business card at every opportunity is good practice.

Another way of getting regular exposure and more local newspaper coverage, is to sponsor a kids' sports team, eg under 8's football team. You can have your name printed on the front of the shirts (the cost shouldn't be too great), and these types of story and pictures are also in my local papers.

Networking is also a good way of getting your business known. Most Chambers of Commerce regularly hold breakfast get-togethers, and events where you can 'pitch' your business to other members for 30 seconds, for example.

Also, and you don't say if you do this or not, if you make jewellery, etc, perhaps you could hold a class/demonstration at a local community centre or library, where people could have a go at making their own.


09-09-2005, 10:59 AM
I love the ideas already given and would also endorse the view that you shouldn't be judging yourself so soon. You need, of course, to keep planting seeds as you have been doing. Have you sought advice on how to get your web site higher up the serach engines lisings? Have you identified your customer profile(s) so that you can consider the best ways of reaching them

One example might be young women with individual styling aspirations or 16 to 20 year old women with interest in Asian culture. With the first one you might look to advertise around colleges and Universities, on their noticeboards or in the student magazine, etc.

I'm sure the markets will prove a success and in my area we often have craft fairs leading up to christmas in community centres and halls, etc. It might be worth checking near you.

Contact local radio stations too and as well as the local papers' news pages have you been in touch with the business page editors?

good luck