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29-07-2005, 09:47 AM

I have recently started a side business suppling bulk to the retail trade.

I have discovered that I need to produce multipart invoices and delivery notes ( one copy for customer, one for delivery driver etc etc ).

Problem: As far as I can see only an impact printer ( dot matrix or whatever ) can produce multipart, but if you try and source an impact printer most retailers look at you as if you are nuts and try and convince you they are 1980's technology and I should be buying inkjets/laser printers etc.

Am I getting something wrong here?

As far as I can see using a laser or inkjet I cannot produce multipart printouts - the best I can do is print 4 or 5 copies of
every document and somehow staple them together ( nightmare ) and it would be complicated to produce them in batches of five colours
( white for the customer , pink for the warehouse, green for the delivery driver etc ) and very complicated for the customer who may have to sign 5 separate forms on delivery instead on one multipart carbonated form ( double nightmare ).

How does everyone else cope with this? Is there a new method using conventional printers that I don't know about?

... or does everyone have an impact printer in the corner for printing multipart forms?

If the answer is that an impact printer is necessary - can anyone recommend a product / supplier?

Any help gratefully received.


29-07-2005, 11:37 AM
No, a Impact Printer is maybe the one for the job....

You can buy the paper (Say 5 sheet, different colours) for these printers as the "Impact" hits the carbon paper and prints thro to all sheets.

This is cheapest, so if you have alot to print this might be best and lots of places still use them.

Your right about the Laser printers you need to print say 5 times for the same effect. But you can buy Pre-collated multi-part coloured laser paper for this job too.

So do a search for that (Pre-collated multi-part coloured laser paper)

The customer doesn't "have" to sign each sheet, you keep one as an official order, and the others don't have to be the same so can be customised for each department but this depends on your software and if it's setup to do this.

As for a supplier, try contact the POS department of Epson or just browse the range online - http://www.pos.epson.co.uk

All the best


29-07-2005, 02:22 PM
Thanks Martin! - you've been a great help - now to look at the options...

30-07-2005, 11:46 PM
I print my own three part NCR booking forms, reciepts and invoices etc on a laser printer.

I purchased a ream each of "GIROFORM" NCR paper, top, middle & bottom copies in different colours, they are then printed & glued together & seperated into sets quite easily.

Ok I have to print each copy individualy on my laser printer, but the end results are superior to those printed on an impact printer, I also print my T&C's on the reverse of the top & bottom copies.