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24-07-2005, 09:06 PM
i would like to open clothes retail mail order business i would like to know ow do i make a catalogue

26-07-2005, 09:12 AM
Hi Samia,

You will need photographs of the products (and models, locations, etc), descriptions of the clothing, prices, and you will also require the services of an experienced printing business.


26-07-2005, 11:24 AM
I haven't produced a catalogue, but I have done many brochures, so perhaps I can help.
First of all, do you have the skills of a graphic designer? You'll need to know what you want to put in the catalogue. Pictures, prices, descriptions, an index, ordering information, the list goes on. Making it easy to read, and easy to produce is the job of the graphic designer. Once he/she has produced a draft, take it away and proof read it. The graphic designer may be part of a printing business, but it will be worth while getting quotes from other printers as well.
The set up is a major part of the price of getting something printed, so the more copies you have printed, the cheaper they become. For example, 1000 copies might cost 1000, but 2000 copies will cost 1250.
The more you produce the more important it becomes to make sure it won't go out of date. Being stuck with 10,000 copies of an out of date catalogue will waste a huge amount of money.
If you want an insight to catalogues, look at the Index (and others) shopping catalogue. Think of the amount of proof reading required! You might also see some reference to the graphic designer, and to who the printer was - somewhere.

But - who are you going to give the catalogue to? How will people know you have a catalogue to give them? How will you find your prospective customers in the first place?

Hope this helps - if not, ask away!!