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towers almanac
08-07-2005, 09:39 PM
Evening all,

I'm doing some work on a leaflet for my employer, however I'm doing it as self employed as a complete project and not being paid as part of my normal hours for it.

The leaflet wording, images and layout have all been prepared but I've never prepared files for print before so am not sure if I've got the final bit done correctly.

I'm planning to get the leaflets printed by sense creative, they're willing to design the leaflets but I can't get the budget for that and they don't seem to want to check it over for me.

Is anyone here willing to check I've done the front side of the leaflet okay for me, I know there's a few creatives about? If you'd require payment please let me know.

Files are at http://ywah.co.uk/prolink/ - zip contains same file but smaller download!

This will be for an A4, double sided, full colour leaflet. From the sense pages it seems it needs to be:

"Please supply everything in a ‘one up’ basis i.e provide one business card on a 85x55 (91x61 inc bleeds) page or one A4 leaflet on a 210 x 297 (216x303 inc bleeds) page.

Images should be provided at a minimum of 300dpi and saved in CMYK format. Tiff file formats are preferred but we also accept images in many other formats including JPEG or GIF."

EPS was recommended by sense on my last e-mail to them. I think I've got the colours converted properly, I'm not quite sure about the actual page size which should be 216 x 303 mm, it comes up marginally different by default when I try to render the EPS in Photoshop.

I just don't want to end sending a bad file off to print and getting 1,000 bad leaflets back! hehe

All help appreciated,


11-07-2005, 03:41 PM

I would certainly look at using another company for your print if they are not prepared to help you out. I am sure you will find many printers who are willing to review the work and those are the type of people you want to work with.