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24-05-2005, 06:36 PM
we are a small tshirt printing business just started up. This question springs from having seen other companies within our sector placing famous people onto t shirts, is there any kind of law around this and would we be able to do this, as poster companies sell posters of famous people without consent. if you can help it would be good thanks for your time

27-05-2005, 09:20 AM

I'd be very surprised to find out that poster companies were selling posters of famous people without their consent - I'd have thought that the poster designers would have sought permission to use the images in the first place. Of course, some celebrities are more precious about their images than others, but I'd suggest it is good practice to seek permission in order to cover your own back.

The Patent Office will be able to give you a definite answer over what you can and can't do with regard to copyright, images of famous people, cartoon characters, etc: