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17-05-2005, 04:10 PM
hello all, for a new small business with some, but not a massive marketing budget, where do you start? If the overall objective is to raise awareness and get sales, is advertising in the appropriate media the top priority? What about targetting retailers with your product? Or perhaps and trade or consumer exhibition? Any of your experiences would be great to hear about. Thanks

17-05-2005, 04:24 PM
Trade fairs can be a good start, also the free ads in local papers or if you have a bit of budget maybe a small ad in the local papers. Asking other businesses if they can keep some flyers in their shop for you can be good. I have found a lot of papershops and chip ships e.t.c. have advertisement boards. Maybe drop a flyer onto one of those some ask for a small fee but its only usually a couple of pounds a month. As has been mentioned before getting flyers into local papers via paperboys or the paper shop can get results.

All of the above very little or nothing at all. It depends on your budget and what you want to sell.

James Smith
17-05-2005, 04:31 PM
Depends what you do really

For a limited budget I think a PR campaign can be well worthwhile. A half page article in the paper is often worth a lot more than a tiny add in the back, and might be cheaper too.

Its really a case of trial and error until you find what works for your industry. Fundamentally how do people make buying decisions in your industry? Ie where do they look to find someone selling what you are offering?

ie if you want a plumber you look in the yellow pages
If you want a web host you will probably look at a host review website.

There not muchl point doing a leaflet drop on the local council estate for legal services (unless you are some dodgy accident company) - it would probably be a good idea however for pizza…

17-05-2005, 05:22 PM
It does entirely depend on what maket your business is in.

Maybe you could get a mention on www.smallbizpod.co.uk in return for something? an article or interview maybe?