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15-01-2003, 11:15 AM
What a site this is. Its about time there was something like this for entrepeneurs to swop info that actually interests us with each other.On other sites people ask questions and when you answer you get a b---kin!! And to allow a link or info to your buisiness for others to investigate is great.There are some good postings of real interest here and since i am new to this site i shall check out all threads and ask questions from you all.

One question i have is, i have a distribution company supplying the catering trade with Fresh Chilled Chips.The competition is nill and the market has begun to really open up.I am in the process of developing a website but do you think it will be a waste of time given the fact that the market im aiming for gets most if not all their info from salespeople or mailshots.I would like to target huge companies with chains of premises,do you think they would browse for my product now or in the future???

Thanks for your help.

15-01-2003, 06:27 PM
Hi Choc

I would definetly get a website. It will add another point of contact for your business and another possibly sales avenue. If you are designing it yourself then all it's going to cost you is yourtime and the hosting cost which is peanuts anyway.

However I would think of a website as adding value to your company rather then increasing sales. Like you've already said - most companies buy from direct contact.

Why don't you contact these big companies yourself and talk to the buyers? I work as a buyer at the moment and it goes a hell of a long way meeting suppliers face to face.