View Full Version : 1001 law's (how are we too keep up?)

29-06-2004, 06:24 PM
I run a small limited company, I've taken an active role in overseeing the Companies house documentation submissions but lately fallen behind some what.

I'm doing a little research into some of the forms that we need to fill in and found out that the 1985 companies regulation act (the act that most Ltd. comapnies are formed within) has been ammended about 1001 times.

Short of spending the next 3 weeks plodding through goverment website or paying money to professionals (i've been quoted about 250 for a simple share transaction) is there any way of keeping up with all the legislation that keeps coming out?

Also since there has been ammendments after the company was incorperated do they still affect us? As I'm assuming they do.

Does the Goverment realise how much paperwork they produce and how hard it is for small companies to keep up?

I've asked a few self employed / Director friends, and all of them have said you should really just do what you can and if it end's up being worng so be it! It's hard for me because i'm a play it by the book person but if it really means employ 6 full time people just to oversee legislation then well can they be suprised if people just ignore what they don't understand?

If the goverment is aware that people are just ignoring it why do they bother producing more are they trying to criminalise the entire nation?

05-07-2004, 10:25 AM
Hi Manuel,

This is a problem that plagues all small businesses. Perhaps you'd find it beneficial to post this to our online community and share your experience.