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17-03-2003, 06:52 PM
Dear Sir/Madam

We have just set up a company which is called 2getha Group and our long term vision is to have different ventures within this group.

Now we are in the process of starting our first venture which is an internet based business and we are considering the fact of either actually registering that web business as a limited company on its own, or using the 2getha Group as the ltd company.

Basically we are thinking that it might be easier to have the venture registered as a limited company on its own so its operations does not affect that of 2getha Group, and also if we get venture capitalists to invest in us it will be easier to separate one business from the other, and also if in the future we float the internet business or get bought over by someone.

Not sure if i explained myself well, but can someone shed some light on this please?


24-03-2003, 08:37 AM

It might be an idea to set the companies up as limited companies in there own right so that the legalities will be easy to seperate when and if you need to. I did know another internet based company which did just as you mentioned but to keep costs down and to increase a group culture they centralised aspects such as marketing, pr and accounting.

Not sure if this is any help, it might be an idea to get some legal advice before you proceed.

Good luck