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Louise Coldwell
10-01-2003, 04:20 PM
Hiya Guys...........

May need a bit of help and assistence PLEASE!

I set up a freight forwarding company few months back now and touch wood..its going well.....

There is always hard bloody work to be done but i'm sure will end up paying off!

The sales aspect of the biz is done by myself(so is everything else)!

I target the majority of sales in the North East as i have great knowledge of the region regarding businesses and industry up here...the thing is there is also lots of RIVAL competition which is posing problems when calling customers etc....

I have thought about broadening horizons and targeting different areas of the country.....

My problem being that i dont know where to start!

I know pretty much what other carriers have to offer for different depots around the country but regarding sales unsure and cant make up mind where to start??

Have thought would the sale be easier talking to npeople from London area/Manchester etc.....??

If anyone can offer help,advice will be greatly appreciated!


Glide Logistics


11-01-2003, 12:50 AM
hi Louise

maybe we can help each other as you are in exports and inports as iam in milton keynes i could put your prices on with me sales letters and web site as i already do international work by road plus i know a lot off courier company in london and manchester maybe this is what you need iam willing to help .

have a think about it and see what you think .