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08-10-2004, 05:16 PM
I've jsut finished university and I have one business idea ready to go, and a few more I want to have a go at too. I wanted to run them under a limited company for getting goods for the business at trade prices and VAT registered so I can retail as well.

I have read extensively andknow most of the details and legalities of running a limited company. I am not sure on certain resolutions, tax and accounts. I do'nt want to have to incur huge accountancy costs.

The so called 'free help' has become a vicious circle - Business Link Manchester wouldn't help me because the business was small, and Trafford Business Venture are more interested in plugging their consultancy which has to be paid for.

I just wanted someone who's done it before and guide me, because I haven't got hours to spend learning admin, payroll and tax.

Does anyone how much outsourcing accountancy would cost just for basic filing of yearly accounts? I can do accounts myself, but I want to make sure they are done properly as well as all the other red tape.

Thanks for any help


11-10-2004, 09:56 AM
Hi Alex,

Accounting costs vary depending on the amount of work involved. You will be able to get some ballpark figures by phoning a few local accountants.

We do have at least one qualified chartered accountant (James Smith) in our online community. He will probably be able to give you a rough idea of costs. If you would like details of how you can become a member (it's free), then send me an e-mail: lee.longstaff@pne.org