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06-01-2003, 02:58 PM
Not sure if this is allowed, but:

Here in Scotland we attended a Business Growth Challenge course held over a weekend in Argyll. One of the people attending the weekend was Thomas Kascha from the Netherlands.

He had made it to the Shell Livewire final in the Netherlands and has asked us to support him if we can by voting on the official website. Here is the e-mail that he sent me, and I hope that you will all support him too.


Hi Lindsay,

I wish you a great 2003!! I hope business is going well for you!!

My company is into the final of Shell Livewire in the Netherlands.
Next to that we are in the running for a public prize (10.000 Euro of commercials on a national radio channel)

We need people to vote for us on their site! Since you have the E-mail Adresses of all the people of the Livewire weekend in Scotland and more entrepeneurs familiar with Livewire, I hope you and they can help us!! the link is www.radio538.nl somewhere in the middle of the page is a link named publieksprijs Livewire , When you click that, a new window appears where you can vote for us!! "AQ Services"

Many Thanx from Holland and I hope many Scottish entrepeneurs will vote for their Dutch Collegue!

Friendly regards from The Netherlands

Thomas Kascha

Many Thanks


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Louise Coldwell
07-01-2003, 08:56 AM
Hi Lindsay

No probs will be more than happy to vote for Thomas or anyone else for that matter who is in need of support.

Keep us posted Lindsay and let us know how he gets on......!

Fingers Crossed and Good Luck