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06-01-2003, 02:03 PM
Happy new year to you all.

I look forward to meeting everyone that can make it on Saturday.

Here are the people that have said they are attending:

Natalie Brown www.nlbtravel.com
Mark Smith
Zoe Winfield Beautiful Things
John Crocker and Maria Crocker www.netadvances.co.uk
Louise Coldwell Glide Logistics
Kris Chambers www.kcwd.co.uk
Chandresh Thakka www.proaxa.co.uk
Simon Okema and Henry Magnussen Unified Systems Ltd
Richard Grosse www.rdgservices.co.uk
Bunmi Wow Women
Daniel www.oliphaunt.net
Elena Souto www.oohlalaa.com

See you all on Saturday and anyone else that wants to attend it would be great to talk.