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16-11-2003, 07:29 PM
We are looking at setting up a business selling bridal wear. We need to work out whether we need to set up a limited company or not. I believe if we set up a limited company then we would have 'limited' liability in the event of financial difficulties. We are trying to determine exactly what limited liability means. For example, if a fault developed with a wedding dress on a customers wedding day and they decided to sue us then would they only be able to sue for the value of the product (i.e. the dress)? Is this the protection a limited company offers? I.e. if we set up a business as a sole trader or a partnership and the same problem occurred, could we be sued for an 'unlimited' amount?

17-11-2003, 10:26 AM

Limited Liability means that if the company goes bust, your losses are limited to the value of the share capital introduced. For day-to-day issues like the one you described, you would want some kind of indemnity insurance.

You can find out more about limited liability companies/partnerships on the Companies House website:


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