View Full Version : mistery shopping company..+investing in radio station

15-09-2003, 12:28 PM
i want to invest in a radio station in africa.......what advice can you give anout investing or setting up a radio station.....

setting up a mistery shop organisation supplying mistery shop assistants to improve other business customer services....

30-09-2003, 11:00 AM
Hi MosellyUK

You seem to be asking two separate questions.

Firstly Shell LiveWIRE are an international organisation but this site only offers advice and assistance to those who are starting a business in the UK.

Secondly - In relation to your mystery shopping idea - can I suggest that you get your free information kit from the www.shell-livewire.org site which will include details of a business adviser who you can talk to in more depth about your ideas.

In the mean time it might be an idea to look into your competition, find out what other companies are doing to provide this service, how much they are charging etc.

Good luck with your ideas