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16-07-2003, 08:18 PM

I hope you can help or at least advise me. I am wanting to start my own photography business but dont quite know where to start. I dont want to give up my full time job until im sure it will work. I would work from home but dont know if i would qualify for financial aid or not??

Sorry no it isnt very clear but im just after general advise to get me started


24-07-2003, 11:17 AM
Hi Rach1983

My first starting point would be to find out as much about photography as a business as possible. Do all your research before you give up your job. If you register your details under the your account section of the www.shell-livewire.org web site you can receive a business opportunity profile onphotography which will give you information about the market, the start up costs and useful contacts. Additionally you will gain the contact for a shell LiveWIRE adviser who could potentially help you tap into local grants and funding.

I hope that this helps