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16-07-2003, 01:33 PM
Inspired by a scheme that I took part in whilst at university, I have an idea for an online enterprise thatís puts students seeking suitable work experience in touch with (at first, local) businesses. The idea is to match up studentsí skills with those required on a short term basis by companies (probably small or medium sized businesses), for mutual benefit. An example could be a computing student designing a website for a small local business, who may not otherwise have the expertise to do it themselves, or the capital to employ a professional firm. The company would pay a nominal fee to the student (eg £25 per day), who would in turn gain valuable practical work experience in their chosen field.

Clearly, the projects and the participants would need to be reviewed and evaluated on a regular basis, to ensure that each party had a clear understanding of the goals and what was expected of them.

I am not proposing to charge either the companies or students for using the service, but instead to make a profit by selling advertising space to relevant companies ie recruitment companies and those wishing to sell their products to the student market. The site would also be regularly updated with editorial content eg job-seeking advice, Q and As, leisure guides, humour etc.

I would appreciate your thoughts on this idea, and advice on how I could start approaching potential local businesses, students (perhaps through educational establishments), and those who would be willing to pay for advertising space on such a site.

Many thanks,


22-07-2003, 12:39 PM
Hi Chloie

Your ideas sound like you have given them much thought.

I guess the two things I would find out is whether local business in your area would be interested in such a service and what type of industry those businesses are in. Additonally are there students willing to work for free? Your may also need to take a look at your business model as generating revenue the way you suggest may be very difficult.

A few issues I would look at are, firstly what happens to the websites after the student has deisgned them- who will manage them afterwards, who owns the deisng if it was done for free. Also how motivated to do a good job will a student who is unpaid be?

Just a few inital thoughts