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07-03-2003, 02:22 PM
I have done a fair amount of research. I have a product that has received positive feedback and I have received my first order. I know what I want to call the business and believe that a sole trader format is the most appropriate for me. I am still working full time and want to continute to do so - but set up the business and do both in tandem until it is feasible to stop. The question that I can't find the answer to is - How do I become a sole trader? Is it just a matter of opening a business account? Does the name have to be registered with someone? How much tax/NI will I have to pay if I continue to work full time.
Advice much appreciated - it's all that's holding me back at the moment.

Thanks in advance

10-03-2003, 04:44 PM
business bureau (http://www.businessbureau-uk.co.uk/new_business/sole_trader.htm)

Hi I found this link which may help