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01-02-2003, 01:41 AM

have a buisness idea which has already been set up in other places but mine is slightly different. I want to crate a skatepark in the london area, although i know of 2 existing ones only one is sheltered but it is not indoor and still get the effects of bad weather. IWhat i wan to tknow is how expensive it is to rent out a fairly large property. I have a few problem though, most of the ramps for the skatepark will be built by me an some of my friends who have voluntered but we have nowhere to build/store them and i dont want to rent a building for a few months before i actually have anything in it (wasting moeny?)

Hope you can help


01-02-2003, 02:43 PM
Ok, having got a really interesting business idea - you need a plan! I suggest you take your idea to a business advisor (Livewire can help with this) and talk over with him/her what it is you want to achieve. You can then work out together exactly what you need to do to get there and how much it is going to cost you to do it....

Renting/Leasing property then becomes just one of the many steps to launching your business, along with insurance, marketing, materials, salaries, planning permission etc.

As part of this exercise, you may find that certain properties will be more cost effective in a regeneration area because they have grants attached to them, (some city councils provide wharehouse incubator space at reduced rates with no business council tax for a few years to help start up businesses). Other grants are available for property if you are creating employment in a particular area. All this local intelligence needs to be investigated, with your business adviser as part of your business planning process.

Sorry I cant give you an exact answer as property prices vary so much depending on where you are and usage, but hope this suggestion brings you nearer to your goal...