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23-12-2002, 12:35 PM
Dear all,

Two queries:

1) We're looking to get a dedicated phone number for our business, as at present we're using our personal mobiles as a point of contact. We're looking to get a local rate number, but we don't want a physical line, but would like the number diverted to a mobile, as we don't have premises. Is this possible? I expect that we'd be liable to pay a supplement for each call, but am interested to know what we could expect the costs to be, and whether anyone operates a similar system.

2) Having registered with many search engines several months ago for free, and still not being listed at all when searching using our chosen keywords, I'd be interested to know any tips on improving the chances of appearing within search results (preferably without paying for preferential listing...)
It seems that there are several very small companies who seem to get consistently high placing in the results, who I can't imagine pay for the service.
I've put keywords in the meta-tags in my web code but to no avail. I was under the impression that web-robots would detect these?

Many thanks,

Peter Jefferies

P.S The keywords i've used can be seen by going to view>source in I.E if you access our site - have I done this correctly?

23-12-2002, 12:43 PM
Hi Peter

Question 1 . Fasthosts have started doing something simlair to what you want although I dont know much about the service.

Fasthosts (http://www.fasthosts.co.uk)

Question 2. The art of search engine optimization is getting a bit like a black art. The keywords tag is not always used any more however there are a number of website that offer adivse and tips
my favorite is Search Engine watch (http://www.searchenginewatch.com/) .

Hope this helps. Drop me and e-mail if you want any more info.


Merry Christmas

Kindest Regards

23-12-2002, 12:45 PM
Sorry the fasthost link is this one .....


Too much festive cheer i think.......;o)

23-12-2002, 03:33 PM
Hello Peter, hope you are well. You may also want to try the normal telecoms companies (BT, Cable & Wireless..etc) as they should also provide a solution for you.

As for search engine listing, we tend submit our sites buy hand (very time consuming) and we also use Web Position Gold and Submit Pro Wolf. Both WPG and SPW have 30 day trials, so it may be worth your while trying these.

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23-12-2002, 08:16 PM

With regard to phone lines you can try www.encoded.co.uk
I have asked them to if i can direct to my mobile as well as my landline as I havent got broadband yet so my line is busy.
Havent responded as yet but it is good for redirection for landline

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