View Full Version : How much do I charge for designing prints for a company?

07-04-2005, 09:07 PM
I am a fashion designer, I have approached a high street company in which they have given me a brief to design
prints on a denim jacket and denim trouser.

I am not sure how much I should be charging as this is the first time that I work with a company.

How much do you think I should request?

11-04-2005, 10:10 AM

It's always quite tricky pricing your products/designs. Do you know if this company want to purchase your designs outright, or will you still hold the copyright to them? Also, sometimes companies like to buy the design outright, or they like to offer the designer a percentage of the sales, ie royalties.

This was the offer made to actors in the original Star Wars film - they were offered an outright fee (it may have been as little as $20,000) or a percentage of the box office. Alec Guinness famously took the latter option and was still making a small fortune from the film when he passed away not so long ago.

Perhaps you could put the ball back into the company's court and leave the fee open to negotiation - this way, they may give an inkling into what they are prepared to pay. Or you could put down a higher fee than you actually want, and then reach a compromise.