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Punk TA
22-12-2002, 09:43 PM

I am in the process of staring up a new biz but getting to the stage when I have to start asking from help and advise from people I don't know.

My idea is quite unique and I was just wondering if anyone had any advise about disclosing business ideas and how to "copyright" them??!?

Can this be done?

Any info would be great!


23-12-2002, 09:45 AM
If your or anyones idea is so unique that it will make them a fortune and are therefore really nervous about speaking to anyone then put up a barrier to entry into that market e.g. a patented technique or copyrighted brands, logos or research, or by the amount of time you have invested in putting together this idea.

Depending on who you speak to, people won't be interested in nicking your idea. I notice that everyone is so nervous about people stealing their idea but if that's the case you are talking to the wrong people. If you were to talk to someone like myself - a corporate financier - we have no interest whatsoever in nicking your idea, we do not have the time, money or knowledge that you do to pursue it plus we will make money through your success anyway. What we do have is the knowledge, skill and experience to guide and help you to turn this idea into reality. We do not have the specialist knowledge and skill about your particular idea to help you in technical areas but we are skilled at nurturing that idea and bringing it to life through the establishment of the framework in which to operate whether it be on your own, or by sub-contracting production via licensing, etc.

There are people who are not interested in nicking your idea and you just have to find them. You can of course try confidentiality agreements but it depends on your confidence in using them.

Good luck

29-12-2002, 07:56 PM
Erm, don;t tell anyone about the idea? :)