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21-01-2005, 09:56 AM
Marketing my business
Hi everyone!

Quick summary:

- Solomon, 24 years old, North London
- Started new business 10 months ago
- Selling Property Insurance
- expanding - but very slowly
- Havn't advertised anywhere, all through networking and
word of mouth

Asyou may know, it is very hard to market property insurance as even though it is something every property owner must have it is basically a very boring product!

Has anyone got any ideas on how I could market my new company????


21-01-2005, 10:58 AM
Hi Simon,

It is very hard to sell anything you consider to be boring, which begs the question why did you choose this line of work?

Marketing any business is challenging and requires a high degree of self drive and energy which is why the most successful business people are usually passionate about what they do. This enables them to inspire potential customers.

Try writing a list of all the benefits people get from property insurance: consider the dangers of not having it, and then consider in what ways does what you do provide a valuable service. Then consider what differentiates your product from others, ie your USPs (unique selling points).

Once you've done that, try writing it up as if it was an advert. If you still don't feel passionate, sell something else!!!
Also if you are convinced it's hard, then it will be.

Specifically, your best marketing options are likely to be ads in property supplements; marketing yourself through estate agents and solicitors; having a web presence. New Build companies often do House packs which you could get a leaflet in and so on. I'm sure you already offer a referral scheme to current customers . Also, look to see how other property insurers are marketing themselves and of course keep networking and look out for Ideal Home type supplements and fairs.

If all that fails, try taking a career coaching programme to discover what you were really born to do.