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21-12-2002, 11:15 PM
I've got a format for a TV programme, which I want to make and then sell to ITV. At the moment, i'm in the process of getting it copyrighted - just waiting for a reply from UK Copyright Service. I've sent e-mails to established TV production companies asking them if they'd give me some advice, on how to go about it. No luck whatsoever. Also, has anyone gone into business without doing a business plan? I was just thinking whether Puff Daddy did one when he set up his company. Anyway, anyone give me any tips on how to go about setting up a TV Production Company? Anyone considering setting up their own one? Cheers

22-12-2002, 12:08 AM
All the major terrestrial channels have a list of favoured TV production companies.
FYI the one's I can remember are:

Tiger Aspect,
Princess Productions,

But be very careful. What they're most likely to do if they like your idea is go away and do it themselves.

I know lots of TV companies and I'm arranging 2 shows for next year. Ask if you need any more help.

26-12-2002, 03:29 PM
LOL, I am sure that Puff Daddy paid for someone to write his business plan. Unlike most of us here, he is not skimping and scraping just to set up his own business. Anyway... I do not really know much about TV production, but good luck and I am sure that if the programme is good enough then they will buy the actual production or the idea (which could be even better!) You may also want to try cable/non-terrestrial companies and also TV companies abroad.


Craig Bell