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26-10-2004, 08:41 PM
I would like to do some trading in Electronic Industry (Computer, Audio, Vedio, DC and Optical fibre cables and telco componentry). I got some qualified suppliers already and I'm going to email a sales letter to the customer. But I got some questions:
1) Is it legel to send a sales email to the company email address if I got it from the web?
2) Usually, the email address shows on the Web is only for sales purpose. So,how can I find the email account of my target customer's Purchasing Department?
3) Besides, may I have any draft of such sales/invitation letter?

27-10-2004, 12:08 AM

If you have the telephone number of the company you wish to target, then make a call and ask for the name and contact details of the Purchasing Director. The receptionist (or whoever answers) should be willing to give this information to you, and if they ask you for your reasons, then simply explain that you would like to send some information to the person responsible for purchasing within their company regarding products/services that you are offering.

Once this information is volunteered to you, then I don't see why you cannot use it to market your products. However, sending marketing info by email is not always the best course of action. It may be cost effective, but will lack the visual impact that a sales brochure can have. Have a think before you proceed.

I was once advised that a marketing letter should follow the AIDA formula in terms of layout:

A for Attention - grab their attention in your opening statement;
I for Interest - create interest for the reader to want to find out more;
D for Desire - make them want your product/service;
A for Action - what you want them to do next, eg. how to place an order, find out more, or to expect a call from you to arrange a visit etc.