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30-04-2004, 08:38 PM
Hi. i am in the final stages of developing an online yearbook for cardiff university. Before launching i have already collected photos and contact info for over 1000 of this years cardiff students. I aim to further promote the site via a poster/flyer campaign and a write up in the student paper through the use of a well timed press release. Since there is currently no other service of this kind offered to cardiff students and the response has been good, i anticipate a general acceptance and use of the site by the majority of the student community in cardiff. Thus this brings me to my question: what is the most effective way to attract sponsors? clearly there are a large number of companies with an interest in the revenue students can generate, banks, insurers, book stores, bars, alcohol etc. but once i have a list of potential interest how do i approach them? is there a step by step approach you can recommend? If i offer the inclusion of their company logo on the flyers and posters and email newsletters and a banner on the home page how much money can i ask for? too much or even too little will seem unprofessional and may put them off!?

Any help you can offer will be greatly received.

kind regards

dan crocker

04-05-2004, 11:14 AM
Hi Dan,

Have you developed a business plan? This could be the key to securing sponsorship, as it will demonstrate the size of your market, etc.

It is worth bearing in mind that since the end of the dotcom boom, businesses are very reluctant to advertise on websites, so you will have to be able to demonstrate that your service will reap benefits for potential sponsors.

As for finding out how much you should charge - why not contact a few similar websites, posing as a potential sponsor, in order to find out how much they ask for?

You may also find it useful to get involved with our online community. If you are have not already done so, get in touch and I'll pass you the details:

Good luck,