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14-04-2003, 11:56 AM
My name is Felicia, I am in the final year of by computing course, targetted for a 1st. I want to set-up a business that designs and create multimedia cd's for companies, these cd's will range from promotional to informative. I would also like to design logos and databases.

Problem is that i dont know how to start, who and how to advertise.



29-04-2003, 09:30 AM
Hi Felicia

Great news about your 1st. I hope it all comes together for you.

If I were you I would take this time to research my market a little better. Use the facilities you have a University to source market information, find out how many competitors there are, decide whether you have all the skills needed to start your own business, could you use a partner.

If you logon to the www.shell-livewire.org site under your account they will send you and information pack including details of a local business adviser- it might also be worth contacting them.

Good luck