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08-11-2004, 12:29 PM

I just left a very low paid job for a minimally better paid job so have very very little savings (nearly nill!).

I have a business idea that is fantastice but I seriously need to raise capital and its hard to imagine that I could contribute much. Especially as I may have to work unpaid for at least a month.

I already have another start up business keen to be a customer, but due to their size they are realistically unable to contribute to funding my venture.

If it helps I live in Swansea and want to base the business in Powys hopefully recruiting to begin with at least one other member of staff from the local area, I have heard of other people getting grants in this area but I don't know who to contact.

I am in the process of writing a business plan, and everything looks fine so far, where do I go next though?

10-11-2004, 09:24 AM

I'd recommend taking a look at the Small Business section (towards the bottom of the left-hand side menu) on the following website: