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14-12-2002, 03:27 AM
Hi Guys

I have tried contacting the latest contact I got (while registering) for the Business advisor in the Manchester area.

I wrote an email, and have not yet received a reply.

I just wanted to get the latest person contact details, and/or people experiences of dealing with them.

How helpful are they, how long do they take to respond, do they help you formulate a business plan


15-12-2002, 05:22 PM

Are you talking about shell? Maybe the guys on his hols. Try contacting an other contact they should be able to help you.

They are brilliant. On every occasion i have contacted them they have got back to me very promptly. Theyve also helped me out with many other things.

Dont wait around theres a reason that person hasn't contacted you so try someone else. If u dont ask you wont get.

As far as im aware they don't assist you directly with your business plan they send you details. Theres also shell coordinators scattered across the country these may assist you with your plan.

Have you tried the business link? Also depending on your situation you could go to the princess trust. Although they follow a very strict criteria.

Good luck and keep us all posted on how you get on.


13-01-2003, 09:31 PM
Hi Guys

I just thought I would try writing a log of my experiences and encounters throughout all the stages. This will be built over time, as I have only started on the long walk to starting my business.

I will write the good bits, and bad bits and what was going through my head!! Only the clean bits!

Anyway, I started off by seeing the advert for LiveWire at my university computer room. I filled in my application online at www.shell-livewire.org

Got details of the local co-ordinator, which was at Manchester Business Consortium, and I emailed them straight away.

I then waited over a week with no reply. I got disappointed and I wrote a message on the forum saying how long does it normally take for them to reply and what is their role. I thought I would give LiveWire a call, and find another one. They said try once more, or even better call them

So I did, and it happened that the internet has been down in the offices for 2 weeks - and so no one has checked the email! And probably still hasnt. Anyway, I spoke to the lady on the phone who booked me into the awareness session about a month later. The month was because I was too busy to attend any sessions in between.

I then went along to this meeting, which lasted about 90 mins. The guy taking it was fantastic and enthusiastic and to the point. Raised a few issues that I had not considered. Was particular impressed about the different kinds of legal status for the business - something I was not 100% sure on - especially in terms of expansion.

The people on the course seemed as nervous as me, apart from a few who I think already knew what they wanted to do and how to do it, so that dismissed my fears that "I will be the only one there who hasnt got a clue!".

At the end of the session, and a good promotion of what other courses are available, I was booked into a 1 to 1 session with another Consultant. I have the meeting with him tomorrow, and hopefully that will be another eye-opener.

I will try and put up my opinions on here soon.

The reason I feel that I should write like this, is that despite some negative early impressions - no reply to my email, I am underprepared and so on, I stuck with it (till now) and I intend to carry on. By providing this log, it will I hope encourage others to relate to what I am experiencing and what to expect.