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04-12-2002, 03:40 PM

I recently ordered (on behalf of a friend) a domain plus package with POP3 email from oneandone but I was quite disappointed with their customer service. I rang them for the very first time and when I started asking questions they seem like they can't wait to hang up the phone, not very courteous either. The service they sell is reasonably priced but the customer service not a match to their professional website and quality web service.

Has anyone used their services? Opinions?

Regards all xxx

04-12-2002, 03:47 PM
Hi There

I used them over a year ago and i had no problems i used there customer service once and found them helpful enough.

If you still have a problem maybe i could help ??


05-12-2002, 06:05 AM
I hate oneandone.co.uk!

Double charged for hosting after upgrading to the Professional's package. (Idiots)
13 days wait for a responce from my email.
Was told i'm only allowed 1 mysql database. (****)
Funny setup for perl files. Have to be .pl - can't use .cgi (how weird)

Sorry but i wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

Infact the best thing about them is the uptime! everything else sucks.

05-12-2002, 04:39 PM

Their website states Domain Plus package 6.99 per year.


So we registered and bought the package but when we went to check out the total bill is for 10.99 so we thought why is their difference in price.

We contacted them twice been told can't do anything til invoice is raised which we will take place in 8 weeks time, we paid by credit card by the way. Is this standard invoice processing time?

And..that the 10.56 is only for the registration of the domain name, there will an extra 6.99 on top for the Domain Plus package which will be billed later, if you read description of the package it says "instant domain registration plus POP3 email etc..." doesn't that mean the price is included domain name registration?

Any opinions?

Also we haven't received any confimation by email about the purchase. I emailed them last week still waiting for the response.


We can't yet have access to the accounts because is not set up yet. I should have just stayed with my old hosting company, they were very good and very fast. When I registered my domain name, I received a confirmation by email straight away and I was able to use the domain and accounts the following day. The only reason I bought new domain from oneandone is they were cheaper and website look professional.

05-12-2002, 05:48 PM
Hello Businesslady. Sounds like the price of 6.99 did not include the Nic fees, which need to be paid whenever a domain name is registered. However, when you actually ordered the hosting package, it should have been made clear there. (or in there terms & conditions)

I have never heard of a waiting time of 8 weeks before an invoice is raised. Thats ridiculos. Also, as soon as you order any package, you should receive an email confirmation. That should be standard practice. Further more, you should have access to your account with-in hours of placing the order.

Now, in your thread, you have stated that you have paid by credit card. Here's a tip for you. Email them back to say that you want access to your account and an invoice or you will ask your bank to issue a charge back, and see how fast they set you up!!!

If we can help you with your hosting/ email needs, contact me via this board or through email.

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09-12-2002, 11:20 AM
Most of these low cost domain sales firms like 123-reg and one and one keep prices low by controlling customer service charges, etc.

The result is a low up front cost but high charges later on to contact tech support or make changes to the order.

I used to work for a similar company based in the UK. Its all about volume, they need to sell thousands of domains daily with a tiny workforce and to do this you cant spend time or money on annoying things like customer service.

You get what you pay for so if the domain is to be vital to your business I suggest you invest the extra 5 or 10 and purchase from someone you can reach on the phone without paying premium prices.

Check out:




09-12-2002, 06:31 PM

Thank you for all your postings. I have managed to contact oneandone and the account is now but still having problems with POP3 email, we tried sending a test message but can't be sent for some reason.

Anyway I have used Easily and I think they are very good, very prompt service however their prices are much higher, 35 for .com/net (2yrs) inclusive of VAT/fees. They also have an email service 5mb for 9.99 per year but just one POP email address.

Any opinions on their service or any suggestions?

Regards xxx

12-12-2002, 10:12 PM
im with oneandone to, and your so right about the CS, everytime i phone they seems so bored! and i feel like im the only one phoning them with my silly little problems....

not very good from a cust point of view...

21-12-2002, 10:41 PM
You know about a year ago I signed up with www.thehostingcompany.co.uk and since then have found that really they are rather pricey but am scared to leave them any way.

Their service is excellent, fast, curteous and my site is never down, I pay just over 70.00 per year to host just one site which is three times what many people pay, but I have had no complaints whatsoever with them and their service is comprehensive........sometimes......not always......but sometimes......you get what you pay for.