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31-03-2005, 12:53 PM
With all the people on the ShellLiveWIRE network and other such sites providing information and resources to other users searching simular information, what sort of tools would be usefull if they were contained in one site?

At the minute i have come up with a site which curently has the below features:

Calandar: a bit like outlook calandar with days weeks and months, shows world holidays, you can share you calandar with others users you chose, set up reminders, tasks or notes.

Contacts: contacts module like an address book which you can enter contact details and private details of a person, with notes and chose its access rights.

E-mail: a e-mail application that works like outlook express, you have your own myname@domain.com e-mail address, you can access e-mail from other accounts, send/receive e-mail and many other options that e-mail programs have.

File Manager: the file manager is like My Documents on your computer, that allows you to upload files, use them to atach them to your e-mail messages, download and store them, create folders. you can do every thing with the files like copy, paste, rename, delete, and any files you put into the "My Shared Files" allows any one to view/download those files.

Help: help gives you comprehensive instructions on the use of the system.

My Summary: gives you an overview of the space you have availble and how much you have used, it also gives you details of any new e-mails, events or tasks you have set up for that day.

Preferences: gives you controll over the look of the software and the way it acts.

User Profile: allows you to enter as much or as litle information about your self which forms part of the software in all site modules and allows users to find and or contact you if they need to within the site.

Conferencing allows any one to set up conference rooms, where a group of people can meet and disscuss or chat on any subject, you can make these password protected or open to any one.

Discussion Groups is like a forum where users can post topics, which can be replied to but it is not as robust as the shell live wire forum.

Instant MEssenger, allows you to see whos online, whose offline and start a conversation with some one, e-mail them or view their profile.

Knowlege base, is where users can submit information or advice under set catergories, allow people to find the information they want.

News & Events allow people to post news and events, this can be made for public use or admin use to give people information on needed subjects.

Polls, allow any one to set up polls and for people to vote on and leave comments.

Calculator, a fully working calculator.

FInder: allows you to search for other site users, from there you can sent them an instant message, view their full profile, view their shared files, view their calendar, search the knowledge base for content they have created and send them a e-mail. it will also tell you if that user is online or not.

Navigator allows you to view a easy navigation page.

Notpad allows you to create text documents, and save them in your workspace, or open and or save as.

World time is as its name suggests, a world click.

The site looks and works like a windows program and is easyly to navigate, but runs thru microsoft internet explorer.

What i want to know is what other services and or modules would you use and or need for this to be like a centrall place for you to find out information and or operate your business from, helping other people out.

01-04-2005, 11:34 AM