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08-03-2005, 10:17 PM
I want to ask your experience with delivery companies. I have a client who will be sending out fashion items by post, cost roughly retail at 35 per garment and approx. 50-75 items a month. Is Royal Mail special delivery the best cost effective option? What about the likes of DHL, Omega etc? They do not have to be overnight delivery, but within 3-5 days max and be trackable if they get lost in transit. They also must be signed for, but she wants to avoid customers having to wait in all or part of the day or travel to a far away holding centre. As the costs of P&P to date is partly built into the overall retail costs, the cost factor is an issue. Does anyone have any suggestions?

08-03-2005, 10:28 PM
courier co's charge on weight and destination.

although yr garments may be fairly lightweight (perhaps up to 2kg) ,special delivery (signed for)with an added 1 insurance will approx cost
6.55 (*2kg,with added 1 insurance to cover item upto value of 500)

Given unreliability of RM services , and given the high amt of garments to be sent per month (50-75),you would most likely be better off using an overnight courier co ,such as APC. (we use them;they are v good).They will allow you to choose,say,a pack which you can put up to 5kg in weight and this works out to about a flat,base rate of approx 5.50 +vat.Obv;if you have a high frequency of items being sent ,they are far more *flexible* with their costings.

In view of this,the gap between RM special delivery price (even for only 1kg) and overnight courier is far less of an issue,and the added reliability and smoothness of service such a service offers is more attractive .

(*IMHO,I think DHL is expensive for UK;good for mainland europe though)

08-03-2005, 11:11 PM
Thanks Ken, this is very helpful, I will have a look at your suggestions. Do you have a website address for APC as I am not familair with them.
PS: please see my reply to you other post about PR activity on the other thread.

08-03-2005, 11:55 PM
Hi there,

Firstly, I have heard that City Link are a fantastic courier for this size/volume of parcels. Their website is www.city-link.co.uk, though your client will need to contact them for pricing on an account basis.

However, I will have to stand up for Royal Mail here. They have provided me with great service in the past and I do think that they are getting better and better with the looming competition.

I wonder if your client has considered using standard 1st Class rather than Special Delivery. I think margins are about 100% on clothing so lets just say they were buying at 20. If the items averaged 1kg, Special Delivery would be 5.20. At standard rate 1st class they would be 3.45 a saving of 1.75 saving 175.00 per 100 items sent. essentially they culd afford to lose 8 out of 100 items. This is very unlikely and even if they did, standard 1st Class has compensation up to 28 so they could even claim this back. Maybe if they had a large order worth more then they could use Special Delivery or an alternative, even Standard Parcels for heavier items.

Obviously the figures could be different dependant upon their circumstances but it is worth a look. Hope they get something sorted.

09-03-2005, 03:57 PM
I do nationwide furniture deliveries, if you ever wanted anything dropping off on my way through anywhere you could drop me a line. Deliveries in Herts, London and Bedfordshire 3 times weekly, other areas less frequently.

Plus as i'm going that way already, i wouldnt even consider charging 35 per item! Just a thought.