View Full Version : All's fair in love and war ?

22-12-2004, 01:04 PM
Has anyone ever found themselves at the receiving end of a "dirty tricks" campaign by other,more established competitor companies who might perhaps feel threatened by more innovative approaches ?
Eg,hung up calls,attempts to access website,malicious comments on forums etc etc etc.
If so,what did they do about it,protect themselves,both online and off.

22-12-2004, 05:04 PM
Doing my student mag I had Reading Uni students union phoning my biggest supportor - HMV suggesting that I was some kind of rogue magazine and they should support the students own paper.

HMV told me about it and I then told Thames Valley Police who we also big supporters and I think this made them like me more as they need to protect vulnerable people in society which in a way I was.

They also instructed security to through me off of compus - I was literally removed one day. This I took to the Vice Chancellor I think it was who told them to leave me alone as I had a right to do what I was doing.

The vending game seems quite fiendly with a lot of companies working with others so I don't think you get many tricsk like it.

Try being a reporter (with page8records) if anyone saw the papparazi programme on BBC3, those guys were tame and polite!